Beauty through The Eyes

           I have been reflecting lately on the beauty of my Savior. We often talk about Him being beautiful but do we REALLY understand beauty? We use synonyms for the word beauty in our everyday conversations such as pretty, beautiful, lovely, etc…but how do we view our Savior as encompassing beauty? His beauty lost its significance in a world that struggles to define beauty or even attempt to define it as what is seen.

          According to the dictionary, beauty is “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations, a meaningful design or pattern or something else.” In today’s culture, I think many try to mold beauty into their own perception of what beauty looks like to them. However, the only thing wrong with that is EVERYTHING. Through human eyes, beauty is something that many strive for but cannot be attained because with beauty comes the word perfection. Perfection, cannot be obtained. So, in society, beauty is also unattainable. But for me, as I began to study beauty, God opened my eyes to see that beauty is not to be attained but it is something that I am! I already encompass my own true beauty! He is the beauty in me!

          Some days, through my eyes, my beauty is met with a wide range of conditions and seems far off from where I am. But, the amazing thing is God’s view of me is always beauty. You see, He made me in His own likeness and if He is beauty then He also has made me beautiful.


          In a book that I am currently reading for the second time, Captivated by Stasi and John Eldredge, John writes that “Beauty is, without question, the most essential and the most misunderstood of all of God’s qualities”-Wait…essential and misunderstood in the same sentence? If something is essential to who God is, then how can it also be misunderstood? The truth is that human eyes cannot comprehend the essential concept of beauty if they don’t realize where their beauty comes from and WHO it comes from.

          You see, our nature is to worry and stress over the concept of beauty but when we understand that in the eyes of our Creator we are beautiful, then our worry shifts to radiance. Again, when we see the beauty our Creator has bestowed upon us we can truly radiate our beauty.

As C.S. Lewis states,

          “We do not want merely to see beauty, though, God knows, even that is bounty enough. We want something else which can hardly be put into words-to be united with the beauty we see, to pass it on, to receive it into ourselves.”

          Lately, I have been realizing more and more of my beauty which is radiating on the inside that is waiting on me to take hold of it and radiate it on the outside. I want to be united with The Beauty. I want to pass it on and receive it into myself. Just as my God created me to be beauty, I want to give that beauty back to Him in a sacrificial way!

          I want to lavish in His beauty through His eyes and not my own.

Lord, let me see my beauty through the eyes of Beauty; You.


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