His life, our feet

Today as I participated in the “One Day Without Shoes” campaign I was reminded of various instances in the Bible. The image that failed to leave me was that of Jesus on the walk to the hill of Calvary. As He walked the long walk to the cross, He didn’t focus on the simple fact that His body was worn or tired, what He focused on was you and me.

As I walked through the campus of my university making the simple statement of  bare feet, I imagined how it must have felt for Jesus to walk toward the cross knowing what was about to take place. This image is what brought me to tears today as I walked for what seemed like years this morning throughout the grounds of my campus. I began to realize that for me, it was a step out of my comfort zone to walk in public without wearing shoes. However, should that really be that difficult? Conviction started to fill my mind as I thought upon the mockers and judgmental crowd who watched Jesus carry my cross to the hill “far away”. What if Jesus would have worried about the way that people viewed Him carrying the cross or how He looked as He stumbled through the streets of Jerusalem that day? Would the outcome of the cross be the same?

Not just on a day where we raise awareness for the orphans that are without shoes but everyday we should rid ourselves of the fear of embarrassment from others. His feet were what carried Him to that hill where He breathed His last breath for you and for me. But yet, the fear of not being viewed by the world as “pleasing” causes us to worry. What we should be worrying about is if the world sees us as a reflection of themselves.

When I look upon the cross and the masterpiece that was displayed through the death of my Savior, the opinions of the world grow strangely dim. No longer do I worry what people will think of me but whether they see Jesus reflected in me.

So, this year as I walked through a “judgmental crowd,” I walked with a full heart and mindset that Jesus calls us to a life of faith, and not fear. When our minds are fixed on Jesus, our worldview becomes meaningless in the glorious display of the cross. For with Jesus, no circumstance is too difficult to overcome.

His life paid our debt so our feet would lead us on the path of righteousness. Therefore, we ought to not only give our feet to Jesus but our future and life as a sacrifice of praise to the One who deserves much more.

He gave His life for the faith journey of our feet.

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