Still You know me…

To think that the God of the universe knows me.
Me, the small portion of the speck in the midst of the universe.
You and I are on His mind. You and I are on His mind, the mind that created the sun, moon and stars.

Even in our days that seem to go on without end,
When we feel as if our lives are a vast array of brokenness but yet the promise still remains,
He knows me.

Without fail, He comes to my rescue.
Without regard to the severity of the defeat, He loves me.
With an outstretched hand, He pulls me into His loving and infinite grasp.
With one spoken word, He parts the waters and allows me to find joy.
He still knows you and me.

When I feel as if my unworthy flesh is caving in, He whispers sweet and tender mercies.
He knows, He sees, He desires, He loves.
No matter the mess, the struggle, the failures, the regrets, the heartache, the pain…
My God, He stays the same.


Even in my mess, He sees me.
The me that longs for Him to know me.
The me that creates desires in my own heart that are of my own mind.
The me that fails to turn to Him in my darkest hour and in my brightest day.

Just to think that He, Yahweh, Jehovah God, Omnipotent Sustainer….
Knows me…



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