Leave it to Live

As I wake up this morning I feel the need more than ever to fall to my knees and surrender. As I got up from my knees, I felt uplifted and ready to begin whatever plans God has in store for me on this day ahead. But my thought is, why don’t I fall down to my knees in surrender every morning? Doesn’t God want me to surrender my day to Him upon opening my eyes each morning?

When I think of surrender, a lot of things come to mind. Joy, peace, trust, hope…but one thing that I found this morning with my quiet time with God is that my surrender depends on my willingness and unselfish attitude to come to Him and give my all to Him. He is there, patiently waiting to see my obedience to lay down my plans and leave with His. Surrender is all about sacrifice and with sacrifice comes a price. For me today, that sacrifice happened to be the plans I had laid out for my day ahead. But why is it so difficult to lay my plans down? Looking back over my life, I question why my surrender takes so long to discover when the joy that comes is so great as a result of my obedience.


Part of my unwillingness to surrender, I have found, stems from my past. I struggle with the fact that my past is full of regrets and moments where trusting in God came in fleeting thoughts rather than a moment by moment dependence. It wasn’t until the recent years that my faith walk took on a complete transformation. I call it my encounter with Jesus. But through continuing on my journey and God showing me the “plans He has for me” (Jeremiah 29:11). I truly know the love of my Savior and that through Him, my past regrets are lost on His “ocean floor” as Audio Adrenaline would say. For me, forgetting my past is a daily struggle and that is why surrendering every morning is very important for me with every good morning that comes my way. Although I have my days where my to-do list takes over my morning, I still acknowledge that without Him, I would not be able to have the strength to “pick up my cross and follow Him” (Luke 9:23).

Surrendering to God means to leave my past, pick up my cross and with His strength, walk through and live out His plans for my life. Because after all, “joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5)! We as Christians need to believe that our past is forgotten and our future is far more important than the past we leave behind! Surrender can be difficult in a world that only seeks to fulfill itself but after an encounter with the Lover of your Soul, His love causes you to hunger for moments of surrender.

So as we go about our day, let us choose to leave it and live it with Christ!

It’s time to leave it on the “Ocean Floor” and see what God has in store!


They’re all behind you

They’ll never find you

They’re on the ocean floor

Your sins are forgotten

They’re on the bottom

Of the ocean floor
Your sins are erased

And they are no more

They’re out on the ocean floor

(Audio Adrenaline)



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