From Ashes to Beauty

When God moves, there’s no denying that it alone is Him that is creates the movement. Often times, as Christians, we see God doing things in other’s lives and wonder why God isn’t moving in our own or chooses to stay distant. But what if the problem is not with God, what if the problem is found in our obedience to Him in the midst of the silence. What if the silence is a chance to remain faithful and obedient to His promises even when we cannot hear His voice? God longs to move but are we willing to move for Him even when He isn’t visible?

See God longs to move in each and every person’s life but is our outlook based on what He does for us or do we love Him simply because He first loved us? God’s love does not stop. Just like the song says, “Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me”. So why, when the silence comes, do we turn to other forms of strength? Sometimes we look for strength in our church, in our friendships/relationships, or simply in ourselves. However, God is looking for Christians who will stay beside Him even in the silence. He wants to feel loved just as we want to feel loved by Him.


What if the situation was reversed and God was trying to move but we were the ones that returned the silent treatment? Does He get mad, pout and turn His love and devotion away? No, because He is a God of strength in times of weakness. The best part is that God’s love is so much more than our comprehension. God’s love is more than a love with conditions. His love is unconditional. The greatest love that could ever encompass a wretch like us.

So God wants to use a wretch like me? Yes, that is exactly what He wants. See, He is a God who takes our ashes and creates a beautiful masterpiece. He is a God who looks past the wreckage and sees a magnificent treasure. He sees the finished product out of a life of struggle. His love is big enough, wide enough and strong enough to endure the strongest storm. Even when we turn our back on Him and give Him the silent treatment, He still sees the best that we can be, even at our worst.

Isaiah 61:2

“…and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes”

The powerful thing is that through God’s son, we have the ability to come to Him and openly ask Him to take our ashes and turn them into beauty. I picture in my mind a heap of ashes and as they are ignited with God’s magnificent grace, they become a strong and mighty flame. It is Christ who allows the ashes to ignite into a flame but it is our ashes that are used for His glory!

He can use our ashes for His glory if we would allow Him.

Allow Him to use your ashes and replace them with beauty. Live out your beauty in Him.

Lord, allow us to surrender our ashes at your feet to be used for your kingdom. Help us not to become silent when we cannot hear your voice. Help us to realize that the silence is a chance to grow closer in intimacy with You. Use our ashes, for it is all that we can bring.


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