When a walk becomes a run…

In my quiet time this morning, I came across a passage that really resonated with me. Before coming to this passage, I felt the Lord calling me to put aside the to-dos that cluttered my thoughts and just simply draw near to Him and His presence. As I entered into my quiet time, I was led to the passage found in Psalm 119: 30-32. In reading this passage, I heard the Lord whisper straight to my heart through these verses. It’s amazing how God uses His Word to speak softly through the loudness of the world around us.

The book of Psalms is by far one of my favorite books in the Bible. The authors not only capture the essence of Christ’s presence but also give us a glimpse of what a relationship with Christ should look like. All throughout the book there are psalms of praise, peace, joy but there are also psalms of sadness, bitterness and loneliness. The book in its entirety shows that above all, God is our friend. We not only need to give Him praise but we also need to give Him our minute-by-minute emotions. He not only is a God who longs for our happiness but also draws us closer to Him through our hurts. So in reading the book of Psalms, I am truly made aware of my relationship and more specifically, my friendship with my God. For in Him, I find all that I need.

way of truth

As God spoke to me this morning, He used the verses in Psalm 119 to show me exactly what His precepts call me to.
Starting in verse 30,
“I have chosen the way of faithfulness, I have set my heart on your laws.”
Upon reading this verse, I have come to realize that the closeness I have with my Savior depends on my choice and the “things” I choose to set my heart on. Choosing the way of faithfulness is not just a single decision but a decision made daily. I make many decisions throughout my day but do I really stop and ask myself, are the decisions I’m making displaying my faithfulness to my God? In all honesty, I fail to ask God about many of the decisions I make throughout my day. However, I am thankful that in those times, His love never wavers for me. When I do choose to pause and devote my decision to God, then I am more apt to “set my heart” on His laws.

Verse 31 goes on to say,
“I hold fast to your statutes Lord; do not let me be put to shame.”
Once I choose to walk in the faithfulness of the Lord and set my heart on His laws, now I can then hold onto His promises. It’s amazing as I grow in Christ, just how much more His promises mean to me. When I begin to read and study His word, His promises start to form a connection with my heart. His promises begin to take the shape of a firm foundation that I can hold on to. When His promises begin to invade our hearts, the struggles no longer have a hold on us for we are unshakable in the hands of Christ and He will “not let me be put to shame.”

The last verse, verse 32,  in this passage resonated with me in a powerful way,
“I run in the path of Your commands, for you have set my heart free.”
Wow. God’s promises are not just something to hold on to but empower us with the strength to run and not walk the way of the Lord. When our faith walk becomes a run, God begins to open doors that seemed as though they were impossible to open. When we run in the path of God’s commands, He begins to bless us with the plans He has for us! (Jeremiah 29:11) We then choose His path instead of our path. In choosing to follow God’s direction, He breaks down barriers in our hearts that were once held captive. Entering into a faithful relationship with Jesus allows out heart to break free and begin to sing a new song!

Let’s choose God’s path of truth and allow our hearts to be set free, running and not walking in the plans that God has for us!

He creates the blueprint, our job is to follow it.


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