A Year’s Journey..

As I sit here on this Friday morning, I can’t help to look back over the past year of my life and discover the journey I have walked through and am still continuing to embark upon. One thing that has resonated over my spirit throughout this journey in my life is that my God IS enough. No matter the trial, no matter the struggle, no matter the longing, He IS the only one who can fill the void that I try to fill with other things to satisfy the desires of my heart. He IS and always will be enough. (Psalm 73)

Over the past year, God has truly brought out His God-sized dream in me.

As a young girl, I always desired to be who God wanted me to be. I grew up in a strong Christian home with the prompting to always do as Christ did. As I began to grow older, I started to see just how strong the pull of the world can be on a young girl’s heart. Between friends, boys and self-image issues, I felt the struggle between the world and my Savior. It was a constant tug-o-war battle. However, through it all I held on to the promise that my Jesus still held my heart. As I grew older I felt a calling on my life to be “more” than just a life. For as Christians, our job is to live out our God-given calling that He may be glorified. God began to whisper in many different ways that He is, was and always will be my first love and started to overcome the strength of the world in the battle with my heart. His whisper began as a soft murmur but as I started to understand the love that He had for me, the whispers grew into a cry to show His daughter the love He has for her. Although I had accepted Christ into my heart at a young age and was raised in the church, my love story with Jesus truly began when I understood and accepted His unfailing love for me.


Over the past few years, God’s whisper turned into a cry for me to do His work in spreading the good news not just within my reach but also to the “ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). It’s amazing how God works because as my faith began to strengthen so did His voice drawing me toward my calling. There is much to be learned from that journey in that as God draws you closer, He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4) As I began praying a few years ago that God would show me what “the ends of the earth” meant for me, His whisper became specific as He spoke clearly and periodically the nation of Uganda, Africa. I began to see Uganda everywhere. In books I had been reading, in department stores, on television, at concerts. There was no denying that God had chosen me to reach the nation of Uganda in some way. As I started to research and read of other missionaries in the same area, I found “Kisses for Katie” by Katie Davis and her story.( If you haven’t already read the book I highly suggest it.) It was clear to me after reading that book that God was working in my heart and He was ready for me to move. It was then I started searching out organizations that spoke to my heart. One day, almost exactly one year ago, while searching, I came across the organization that I will be traveling with in July of this year (next month!!) .

My God will do amazing things when His children choose and seek Him above all else. To this day, I look back and I am brought to tears at the journey God is leading me on as His daughter. His love for me I will never understand but I will continue to seek it with everything I have and am.

You see, because “when I finally reach the end I’ll say, You are worth it all”.


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