Hot Coffee on a Hot Day

When feeling burnout, it’s time to take back the joy you are entitled to in Christ!

A Girl Like Me

You know those weeks when the stars are aligning just for you and everything seems to be falling into place and you find yourself waking up smiling every morning, your hairbrush is right where you left it, you have more money in the bank than you thought, everyone seems to be smiling at you and its just all good??  Well that was not my week.

No star aligning for me.  Gosh… I feel like I’ve been such a Debby downer lately… I really want to write something bubbly and happy and full of rainbows… but lets be honest- Sometimes it just takes more than a week to get out of a slump ya know?

It all started when I began to think of myself as a giving and selfless person.  I mean come on… I care a lot about people right?  I continually give of myself to my children starting…

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