The need behind the face


After returning from Uganda, I am still trying to readjust to the fast paced, overabundant and spoiled life in the United States. It is so hard to leave a country of devastating poverty and come home to a place of undeniable luxury. So many things have changed within my heart over the past few months leading up to my trip as well as the two weeks I spent there. Looking back, I felt God preparing my heart before embarking on my journey by changing my perspective and my outlook on what life is supposed to look like. As my vision changed, so did my heart. My heart was shaped into a softened mold that God was able to speak through and allow His Spirit to use. As each new day came and went throughout my two week journey, I felt God speaking and my heart was open to listening. Each day brought happiness, joy, strength, hurdles, sadness, hurt and compassion like I have never experienced before.

With each village visited, came a new set of faces. Faces that were overcome with joy but also, faces that have seen more in their lifetime than I could ever imagine. The faces painted with scars, hurts and tragedies from a past and also a present set of circumstances. On the outside, these faces seem to be bursting with joy and thankfulness for the small amount of gratitude shown to them by a group of “mzungus” but on the inside, they have hurts that we can’t even imagine. They have seen their share of death, suffering and torment with which they have lived through.

So with every encounter and with every God ordained meeting, I chose to look through the eyes of Jesus and see through the smiles and through the joy and look behind the face.


A face

The simplicity

An image-bearer of our beautiful creator

An emotion bearer

A billboard of personality

Behind the face

A reflection of the heart

A long held locked gate

If opened,

A stream of scars

An ocean of sorrows

A wave of struggles

Will we look behind the face?

Will we use our time with each face?

Or will we choose to pass by the smile?

Will we use our flesh filled eyes or the loving eyes of our Savior?

With every face is a story.

With every story is a life.

With every life is a longing.

With every longing is a need.

That need is Jesus.

Will we take time to look behind the face?

With every face, there is a need.

Be the bridge to bring the need to the face.

Matthew 5:14

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Restore Hope.


2 thoughts on “The need behind the face

  1. With every journey you take, your eyes will open even wider to the world around you. It is strange to know that so many people live in the tiny box we call the “our” world and never consider these people or the people in the next town over. I am very proud of you for taking this journey. I hope you develop a longing in your heart not only for the people who were born into this poverty, but those around you and in our country who are hurting just as badly. Have you considered Social work? The ministry you could offer with your soft words and willing heart would be quite incredible! Just praying for you! Love ya!

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