His presence is Heaven to me

God’s presence is the only thing I need. I found comfort in this truth tonight.

When my world feels consumed with busy days, long hours and a mind racing fast; His presence is what gives me my center.


On nights like this, I wish that every night could include moments of peace just like this one. But the truth is, it often is not the case. Most evenings I spend my time worrying about what tomorrow is going to bring or preparing for what I see ahead of me. It’s so easy to tell people that are consumed with life to “come to Jesus” but in my times of stress and worry do I truly come to Jesus? Do I spend my evenings giving back to God what He has given to me? I definitely don’t do it enough.

Living in this world of abundance, it’s so easy to slide right into the worldly worries and cares. All the while, God is calling us to come to Him and give Him our worries and our cares. He not only tells us to simply give them to Him but to “cast” them onto Him. (1 Peter 5:7) When we think of giving something to someone, we often think of just handing it over without an action being attached to it. However, when Peter says to “cast” your worries and cares on Him he means to “throw off or away”. There is an action connected with the word cast. We are to literally throw off our worries and cares of tomorrow, today or our future over to the One who holds our tomorrows, today and our future. Without the action, our worries and cares will simply stay our worries. Our minds will continue to be filled with sinful thoughts that cause us to live our lives less than the calling of Christ.

Directly after stating that we must cast all our worries and cares upon Christ, Peter states in verse 8,

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

It’s no coincidence that most of us get so wrapped up in the world that the cares of this world distract us from our focus on Christ. Within these verses, Peter is trying to relay the message to us that our minds are Satan’s battle ground. If Satan can get our minds focused on the worries and cares of tomorrow, he has us right where he wants us. Our minds are at the forefront of Satan’s attacks. What we think about or dwell on is what consumes us. That is why in Romans 12:2, Paul says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind because our mind has the power to lift us up or tear us down.

Taking the time to renew our mind is so important and has to be a continual process if we are to resist the devil and his schemes. If we don’t want Satan to take control, we have to take back in the name of the Lord what is His and that is our mind. If our minds are set on the things of above, Satan does not have any hold on us. (Colossians 3:2)

It’s time for us to spend time in God’s presence, renewing our mind, and resisting the devil.

Be transformed through the power of God’s Word and time in His unfailing and loving arms.

Where He is, there is freedom!


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