The Comforts of “Church”

What a month it has been.

Returning from Uganda and getting back to the American lifestyle has been quite different. Everything, relaxing on the couch, eating a meal, driving a vehicle, going to church all have a new meaning that wasn’t there before. In Uganda, relaxing was more of a time to build relationships and be surrounded by others so now that I am back home, relaxing is a completely different task. Eating a meal in Uganda consisted of different food, a different setting and a time of bonding with the family. Dinner time in America is fast paced, rushed and all about preparing for the tasks ahead. Driving a vehicle is different, because traveling over there is done through mostly walking and riding a bus. Also, the roads are dirt so driving to and from consists of many bumps and rough terrain. The last adjustment that caused some getting used to was attending a place of worship. Reflecting on attending church in Uganda  and America are two entirely different experiences. This experience is one that I will never forget and will always hold a sweet place in my heart.



what does it mean to you?

Comfort. One of the major factors in attending church.

It exists from the entrance of the building to the exiting of the service.

What if all of the “comfort” of the church was stripped away?

If the church building was not confined to a building that looked pleasant on the outside with glass doors and a large parking lot was instead a fence of boards covered with a pieced together tine roof?

Would you attend?

What if instead of having a padded pew or chair to sit in, there was a piece of bark holding you up from the ground?

What if there was no clock in the building there was the Spirit of God that determined the length of the service?

How about the heat or coolness of the building; would a hot Summers breeze be enough to get you to stay?

What if instead of living in the comfort of the same pastor getting up to lead a service there were hours and days of testimonies given from the congregation about what God is doing in their lives?

Would you stay and listen?

What about the offering plate, would a dirty bucket or basket at the front of the room suffice to place your money?

What if instead of tithing 10% of what you had “in dollars” turned into 10% of ALL you had such as food and clothing?

What if the congregation wearing their best to church was stripped away to wearing all you have to church?

Would you stop and stare or love and share?

Through just these few experiences in Uganda, I have grown to not just attend church based on the comfort level but attending church because God’s presence is present in His people and with His children.

Church now has a new meaning to me upon discussing the topic and entering the building.

Comfort is something that is not placed on my list when it comes to attending God’s house.

Comfort means to be at home with my Jesus and my church family.

You see, God never promised that coming to Him would be comfortable.

He promises that in Him you will find your comfort, not in a building.

(Ephesians 2: 19-22)

(Hebrews 1-:25)


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