Reason to Sing

How many times do I begin to sing a song and seem to forget the words?

It’s not so much that I simply forget the words but the necessity of what I’m singing.

Singing in itself is a beautiful, well-constructed melody given words to bring it to life. But, what if the words meant nothing to the singer? What if the song writer or artist forgot what the image was to start with?

Would the song be worth singing?

Would the singer have a purpose?

As Christians, we often hear the melody, God’s melody, but fail to sing the words. Bring the melody to life.


The truth is, God has given us each a melody. He has laid the lyrical foundation but are we going to discover it and seek to make it alive in us? We are all singers meant to bring God’s melody to life but often we fail to sing the words. Without the words, will His song still be a song?

As image-bearers of Christ, we are to do the work that He has placed before us to accomplish. However, if we are to pass by the work, fail to put words to His melody then our purpose, HIS purpose for our life shatters.

He has written the melody, orchestrated the notes and even written the lyrics. He has given us a reason to sing.

So, as a part of the heavenly choir He chooses us to write and bring the life the long-awaited masterpiece.

Pick up His lyrics and start singing.

For He is the reason to sing!


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