Flourish in the Desert

Isaiah 55

“Where once there were thorns, cypress trees will grow”

The desert of life. We all get trapped by it.

We come out of a season of life that is joyous, full of life and wonderful and then the desert season blindsides us.

Without warning, it comes and dries up the joy we recently found. Who likes to be in a desert?

Dry, unquenched and lonely, without an end in sight.

Sounds very depressing.

The truth about the desert is that yes, it is a time when hope seems far away. But really, the desert is what we make it.

Often, I’ve learned that the desert is where I find growth. A place of desolate can be a place of flourishment.

Although the season of dryness and loneliness is hard, we have a God who overcame so that we can overcome the deserted places in our lives.

Isaiah 55

It is in the desert that we find God tending to our dry soil and we start to see cypress trees where there were once thorns.

Growth takes place.

God is the life-giver of broken things.

Let Him take your desert and breathe life into its weary land.


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