Weakness, A Useful Canvas

Have you ever viewed a canvas before the first stroke of the paintbrush hits the pure white surface?

As the artist views the white, blank slate in front of him, he sees a masterpiece about to be created.

First is the planning process and then comes the actual action of creating.

What if that blank canvas would be compared to your life?

Do you view your life as a white pure canvas awaiting God’s first movement or is your life full of mistakes, regrets, hurts and heartache?

As much as I wish I could say that I view my life as this blank canvas, more times than not I focus on those struggles from my past.

In all reality, forgiveness and submission is like removing the paint from a canvas and creating something brand new.

something good

The things we see as characteristics of weakness, God wants to use to perfect His strength in us.

Too often, we have heard our entire lives that weakness is a bad thing. However, God uses what the world sees as a short-coming and transforms it into a beautiful display of His power.

Our weaknesses are meant to humble us but not defeat us.

1 Corinthians 1:27

“But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong”.

What we see as broken, He sees as useful!

Never underestimate what you can do for God but focus on what God can do in and through you!


“For The Moments I Feel Faint”

By: Relient K

Am I at the point of no improvement? What of the death I still dwell in? I try to excel, but I feel no movement. Can I be free of this unreleasable sin?
Never underestimate my Jesus. You’re telling me that there’s no hope. I’m telling you you’re wrong.
Never underestimate my Jesus When the world around you crumbles He will be strong, He will be strong
I throw up my hands “Oh, the impossibilities” Frustrated and tired Where do I go from here? Now I’m searching for the confidence I’ve lost so willingly Overcoming these obstacles is overcoming my fear
I think I can’t, I think I can’t But I think you can, I think you can I think I can’t, I think I can’t But I think you can, I think you can Gather my insufficiencies and place them in your hands, place them in your hands, place them in your hands.


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