Claiming Singleness

Okay, so here’s a post going out to all the single ladies.

Have you ever just been fed up with being alone?

Fed up with seeing happy couples, adorable engagement pictures, marriage vows?

I don’t know of one single lady that hasn’t been through the “Fed-up” stage in singleness.

I can say that this stage is one of the worst.

Seeing others who look and seem happy when all you want is just to “be them”.

I’ve been in this stage lately until this evening God spoke loud and clear.

As I was running on the treadmill (this is where I tend to think) I began to ponder on how often I compare my current state to the state of others and their happiness and my lack-there-of. I quickly asked myself the question: “Why do I not view my life as fulfilled?”

The answer shot guilt straight through me, “If I only had…”

Ouch. This answer hurt.

The Bible states loud and clear:

Exodus 20:17

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

Yes, I don’t necessarily look at a donkey or an ox and wish that I had one as a pet but how many times to I look at others and just wonder what it would be like to have what they have?

In truth, it happens more than I want to think it does. Especially when it comes to being a single Godly woman in search of a man whose heart is wrapped around the will of God.

However, what really is worth coveting over?

Although I see others with what I do not have, does that mean I have any less?

I have the ultimate Lover of my soul, the Creator of the universe, who molded my heart and shaped my very being.

What more could I ask for?

After God gripped my heart and mind through meditating on His scripture, I then heard Him whisper straight to my heart:

“You must claim it.”

Like any other time God speaks I immediately start asking questions…

“Claim it, claim what?”

“How do I claim it?”

“Once I claim it how does that help the situation?”

Then I realized the truth of God’s whisper.

For me to live in God’s will, follow His heart and lead where He follows during this time of waiting for a future spouse, I must CLAIM my singleness.

I must daily surrender my want for a man in my life to God and then allow Him to shape my want into His need for my life.

Realizing the Christ is enough while living the single life is sometimes difficult. However, taking each day as an opportunity to prepare spiritually to be the wife God wants me to be, breathes purpose back into the life that God has given me.

So, what do I do with what God spoke to my heart this evening?

I strive daily to give up my wants for God’s needs in my life, and CLAIM what is not mine to begin with but His.

Surrender my Singleness for His Fullness.

I am claiming my singleness, in Jesus name.


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