The Beauty of the Cross

Have you ever stopped to think about the image of the cross?

Is the cross simply a symbol, a relic, a fashion statement or is it more?

When did the cross become just another shape?

As I sit here writing this, God is griping my heart and speaking directly through this keyboard. The God of the universe is speaking straight through me. The God of the universe also sent His son, saw the hatred of the roman soldiers, saw the backstabbing characteristics of Judas, saw the nails-whips-scars, and yet still He thought of the purpose of “The Cross”.

What Love would choose to look through, past and within all this torment to see me, you, the earth and still choose to give His very best for the sake of our filth?

The Cross.

In looking at the rugged, solid frame of a cross there is more than just a constructed shape. There is more meaning than just a relic that others wear on their neck. There is a story, a story of Love, a story of Mercy, a story of Grace.

the cross

Without the cross, the purpose of man would be meaningless. Without the blood that covered the wood that day, the fate of mankind would be nothing but ashes. Is the cross that meaningful for us? Is it a powerful statement or a meaningless relic?

The weight of the cross should move us to action. The weight of the cross should resemble to us our Savior, our sin, our mess, our ashes. Often, do we grow hard-hearted toward the symbol of the cross? Do we see it and just smile without even recognizing the “weight” the cross takes on our everyday lives?

We need to place our focus on the cross, at the foot of the cross and be guided by the cross.

To fully take on the “weight” of the cross, it needs to be the alter where we surrender our past, present and our future.

Daily we are told in Scripture,

Matthew 16:24-25

24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Each person has their own “cross” that they must take up and carry. For each person, the cross looks a little bit different. One cross may be more jagged, a little more bumpy, or scarred up. However your cross may look, the instructions for how to carry the cross is the same. We are to deny ourselves, put Christ first, and take up our cross to follow the One who forgives “our cross”.

So, does the cross have purpose in our lives or is it merely a relic meant to hang around our neck, an embellishment on our shirt or a beautiful picture in stained glass windows?

It’s time that we make our view of the cross meaningful and make our life’s goals mean less.

The cross, more than just a symbol but a bridge to connect the power of grace to the souls of men.



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