Not a Morning Person?

Most mornings I wake up not in the best mood and I blame it on the lack of coffee.

However, what if the lack of coffee is just one of the many details of my morning that I neglect.

Is my morning “grouch mode” more than just an insufficient amount of caffeine?

Although I use the excuse that I am not a morning person, I do know the recipe for enjoying a joyful morning.

Is an anti-morning person a personality trait or simply just an attitude I have become accustom to?

As I began to prepare for my Sunday morning ahead this morning, this question seemed to loom over my monotonous morning routine.

When will I accept the fact that I can change my morning attitude and learn that mornings are a time to rejoice in the day ahead and look forward to a new day to renew, refocus and forget the regrets of yesterday?

Scripture says in Romans 12:2,

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

As I began to reflect on my morning attitude and recognize that I have nothing to be “grouchy” about, I realized just how joyous my morning should be. How God intended mornings to be is not to dread the start of a new day but rejoice in His provision. Our ability to acknowledge His faithfulness to see us through the day ahead and see Him standing at the end of each day awaiting our burdens, struggles and current troubles to be laid at His feet.


You see mornings, are for us to rejoice and renew our minds. If we wake up and take on our day without renewing our thoughts from the previous day, our minds focus on the things of the world that needed to be laid at His feet the night before.

However, instead of turning our eyes to Him as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, we see the day ahead as a race that we don’t have the endurance to finish.

God has already ran the race and finished it for us, our job is to look to Him at the finish line and know that He is providing us with the strength for each hurdle ahead. He is our reward!

He has placed the choice in our hands each morning as we rise and decide to renew or regret.

We can choose to be grumpy or choose to be grateful.

Awakening and knowing the One who moves the mountains and whispers to the seas, sees me and wants to lead me through my day is enough for me to strive to renew and restore my life in Him each morning.

Although I will have to overcome the struggle each morning to accept my anti-morning personality, I am going to make it my goal to let God and His goodness be my first thought before checking my emails, reading the latest Facebook status’s or reading my text messages.

Every morning should be one of anticipation and joy, knowing that my King is smiling down on me and whispering,

“I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for you today…”

Let’s overcome the excuse of “I’m not a morning person”.


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