Two hearts, One mission

At the start of our journey together, my husband and I had something that helped bring us together. Not only was our love for Christ a main topic of conversation; it was our life. But there was also a passion that Christ had given both of us that burned with such intensity that we both knew there was no quenching it. Missions is something that is near and dear to both of us and with the help of our closest friends, it is what brought us together in the first place.

Our philosophy has always been, that if God placed the passion inside of us and joined us together, our purpose and our mission together should reflect that passion.

Through much prayer and seeking, we have decided to tread on a journey together with God as our leader and we, as followers after Him.

We have chosen as a couple, to visit the two places where our passions were discovered with a goal to determine God’s plan for us as a couple in ministry to the nations. Next summer, we will be traveling to Uganda and Papua New Guinea. On these trips we long to discover God’s purpose in us for reaching the nations for His glory.

In the coming months, we plan on establishing dates, determining need areas for ministries on our journey, and involving our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to journey with us!

That’s right, we are wanting other bold and passionate mission minded people to journey with us!

Are you longing to find God’s purpose for you in ministry to the nations?

Has missions been a calling that God has continued to bring to your mind but you have never taken that step?

We are giving you a chance to travel with us to Papua New Guinea!! We will be taking a team in July 2016 to minister with other fellow missionaries and help bring God’s love to the people who are in desperate need.

What a wonderful opportunity for you to walk out the Great Commission in your life while serving others and expanding God’s Kingdom around the world.

We are looking for up to 10 individuals who would like to discover their own passion for missions ministry. As a couple, we both feel strongly that missions is not just a trip taken to see the world, but we hope this trip causes a transformation in each person’s life to see his/her role to the nations as a follower of Christ.

In Matthew 9:37-38, God calls each of us to be a “sender” or a “goer”. We are seeking out those who long to find their place in God’s call to Go or to Send.

Our question to you is, are you a willing worker for The Kingdom?

We are asking that if you are interested, that you first pray and ask God His heart for you in this mission in Papua New Guinea. Pray that God would create a passion in you for the people of the nations.

Next, we are asking for you to send us an email with the following:

Name, Address, Phone Number, Experience with missions (previous trips in the past?) and your reason for wanting to go. Please note that you do not have to have any previous mission experience to join our team. 

You can email this information to:

We are very excited for those God is calling to step out beyond their comfort zones and to experience a deeper commitment to the Great Commission and call to:

“Go and make disciples of all nations…”   Matt. 28:19

So will you join us in the call?

With Great Love,

The Castos