There comes a time when your mind is so full of free flowing thoughts and you run out of paper that you need a place store them all. My blog is more than just a blog about me, it is a blog that came out of my everyday conversations with Jesus. Walking out my journey with Him has been more than a journey but a battle. In my battle, I have faced wars and victories. The difference between the wars that are waged in my life as well as other believers in Christ is that our wars bring triumph after the chaos. Wars waged in the name of the Lord bring peace, joy and fulfillment in the Holy Spirit. Although the wars feel like they last a lifetime, it is in these wars that I find personal victories beyond compare. Thus, this is the blog that results from a life of winning and losing but still keeping my Savior by my side.

There is a song that encompasses the thoughts I write more than words could ever display…this is why I write and more than that, this is why I wage wars daily.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. So familiar with the wars and the victories…and the video is awesome! Thanks for visiting Holy Ghost Bumps, and I look forward to following your writing. You have a God-inspired gift. Be blessed!

    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! God has definitely blessed me beyond what I deserve! He’s the heart of everything I write and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for your visit!

  2. Hey There, You won the book giveaway over at my blog…godschick.wordpress.com. I am just moved that you are pursuing Jesus (contentedly) as a single woman and pursuing your dreams and even going on the mission field this summer. I was moved by your story. I, too, was a single woman when God took me overseas for a season and I’m so blessed that I did. I have never regretted it. Now that I am married with kids, I’m so thankful for those years, because God uses women powerfully, both married and single. So blessed by your heart for God. I just need to know where to send it. You can leave me a comment on the contact section of my blog with where I should send it. Blessings!

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