Truths for the Heart

If I’m honest, low self-confidence is the thorn in my flesh.

No matter the day, the hour or the circumstance, low self-confidence is my battle.

It’s amazing to me how the devil can prowl around and place issues in my heart on a daily basis that cause me to struggle with who God has made me to be.

Just one slight glance by a passer-by.

A breakout on the absolute worst day (when is it ever a good day?).

Another day without exercise and another day feeling a pound heavier than the day before.

A day when my emotions get the best of me.

These are all simple, broken examples of what the devil uses to taint my self-confidence.

On these days, my heart needs to be reminded of who it is, what it is made for and for whom it is made for.

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1. Heart, who are you?

In this first truth, I need to determine who I am in Christ and not who I am on my own.

Whoever I think I am, God says I’m more.

Whoever the world says that I am, God says I am more.

“For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a]
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.
 My frame was not hidden from you,
when I was being made in secret,
    intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
 Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
    the days that were formed for me,
    when as yet there was none of them.”

Psalm 139:13-16

I am a creation, a masterpiece and my heart is a beautiful sight in the eyes of the Lord.

Heart, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, believe it!

2. Heart, what are you made for?


This is the word God spoke to my heart after typing the second question of my heart.

He created my heart for purpose.

He has plans

He has dreams

He has hopes

For my fragile heart.

“And the Lord will guide you continually

and satisfy your desire in scorched places

and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden,

like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.”

Isaiah 58:11

When I feel that I am living a life less than what He has called me to, I remember,

He will guide

He will satisfy

He will strengthen

He will not fail.

Heart, I am made for the purpose of the building of God’s Kingdom so be led, satisfied, strengthened and walk forward in your calling.

3. Heart, who are you made for?

Have you ever had one of those days where your pile of mistakes seem much larger than your victories?

On these days I need to ask myself, who is leading the way today?

Is it me or is it my Creator?

If my day is God led, everyday should reflect the one who intricately designed this heart of mine.

However, some days I led my own heart.

Usually with anything that has been created, the Creator is the one who knows how to perfectly orchestrate the creation.

Sometimes I fail to allow the Creator of my heart to lead and guide my heart when He is the one who can perfectly speak




and Strength in the most magnificent ways.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Ephesians 2:10

Heart, you were made by your Creator and for your Creator so make the most of His masterpiece.

Let me just say that as I write this, I am amazed at the truths God is speaking to my heart.

So as I speak these words to my thirsty heart, allow Him to speak to yours.

Take confidence in the One who is confident in you.


Wear Your Joy

How often have we heard the phrase “wearing his/her heart on his/her sleeve”?

This is a phrase often implying that someone is emotional or as some would classify it, emotionally overbearing.

As a woman, often times women are associated more with this phrase than men, but that’s not to say that men are off the hook.

Growing up, I often heard this phrase and just assumed that with it, was an attached negative connotation.

However, after today I’m not so sure.

Being emotional can be overbearing at times but is showing your emotions really that terrible?

Society likes to associate emotional people as a group all to themselves but really, emotions, if used in the correct way, can be a way of positive and effective communication.

However, we can learn a thing or two about emotions from the Big Guy Upstairs.

Jesus showed his emotions but in a way that caused others to gravitate toward Him and not away from Him.

I think there’s a message in that somewhere…

Now back to the root of it all.


I wonder what would happen if instead of wearing our heart on our sleeve, we wore our joy on our sleeve?

This is a lesson that I needed to hear today and maybe you need to as well.

So often, we think that joy is just based on the set of circumstances thrown at us on a daily basis.

Our joy is so much bigger than the set of circumstances waiting for us when we wake up each the morning.

If you are anything like me, mornings are not my best of moments.

If I could wake up and instantly find a cup of coffee on my nightstand, I may get out of bed fairly cheerful.

However, on most days before my feet hit the floor I have already grumbled about something and most of the time, it is because I had to wake up. (Had to?…)

The good thing is, Jesus meets me where I am each and every morning.

He meets me in my bed, before I place my feet on the floor and grab my cup of coffee.

I have learned that mornings are not meant to grumble but instead should be used to turn my grumbling into joy.

What if I woke up with joy on my sleeve every morning, thankful for the blessing of waking up to a new day?

What if I woke up every morning with Jesus on my mind and joy on my sleeve?

If I am honest, most mornings this “what if” remains a what if.

But that is the great thing about Jesus.

He loves me despite hearing my grumbles in the morning.

He loves me for me.

In talking with Him today, He begin to speak to my heart and let me in on a secret that I often overlook each and every morning.

“Your joy is readily available, on your sleeve”

“You choose joy”

What a simple task but a wonderful Truth.

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.”

Psalm 90:14

What if we woke up each and every morning with God’s unfailing love on our mind and His joy on our sleeve?

Too often, like our emotions, we try to hide our joy.

If Christ is our joy, why hide it?

Just as Jesus spoke to me today, I am speaking to you now.

To you who, much like me, wake up with grumbling on your mind instead of grace.

I challenge you, as I am challenging myself, to choose joy and place it on your sleeve for all to see.

Allow Christ’s unspeakable joy to be something for people to speak to you about.

Each morning, before placing our feet on the floor, let’s choose to wear our Joy.

Let’s wear our joy on our sleeve.

Come, See and Rest.

Lately, I have been drawn to the quietness of my room with nothing but me, my Bible and solitude.

What a beautiful scene it is to just sit and BE with God.

During the past month, I have been blessed with a large amount of time to just BE with my Lord.

I sometimes question what He is doing but I remind myself that it is not my place to question His sovereignty.

He knows what He is doing.


That is a reminder that I need daily as I sit in His stillness and wait.

Recently, I discussed this very thing with a friend of mine. The patience in the waiting.

Satan can whisper in the waiting “You don’t need to be patient, you need to act, God isn’t doing anything, you need to do something.”

However, I have found that in the waiting  my strength is renewed, restored and rebuilt into a life of splendor.

Isaiah 55 discusses this very waiting throughout the entire chapter.

First, He draws us in by saying “Come to me”.

Next, He calls us to “see” the things He is doing all around us.

Then, throughout the rest of the chapter, He calls us to rest in His promise that His ways are not our ways.

Sometimes we get stuck between the seeing and the resting phase.

We see what is only the here and now and not how to rest in the fact that He is holding us.

I am understanding more and more that God is working all around me and if I just choose to rest, even when I feel uncomfortable in the resting….

He will open doors that I once saw closed.

He will speak words that were once just ink on a page.

He will bring to light the things that were once buried in my heart.

He will cause the waves of life around me to “be still and know” (Psalm 46:10).

When we choose through our circumstances to see Him, and not the pain, and rest even when it feels uncomfortable, He WILL.

Take hold of Isaiah 55 today and know that when we:

1. Come to Him.

2. Choose to see.

3. Rest in His sovereignty.

we begin to see our circumstances in light of who He is in the midst of them.

Then we will see in verses 12-13 that:

“You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands! Where once there were thorns, cypress trees will grow.”

Come, see and rest in all that He is.

Set Your Sights on the Impossible

Matthew 19:26

“Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

possible 2

The impossible.

Most of us dwell on what we see right in front of us. Something to grip ahold of, something seen, something we can do.

However, what if we were called to make the impossible, possible?

Often times we read The Word and see many miracles, answered prayers and sovereignty and are left thinking, “Wow, that is impossible!”

But is it really impossible?

In looking at verse 26 of Matthew chapter 19, we see that Jesus adds the phrase, “Humanly speaking”. Why didn’t he just leave that part out?

Those two words are very important in understanding what Jesus is calling impossible.

He is calling us as humans and our strife, our weakness, our controlling attitudes impossible.

He is calling our human flesh, impossible.

Now don’t get too depressed just yet, because right after that phrase is the purpose of our daily walk with Jesus.

Jesus says, “But with God everything is possible.”

When we encounter each day without the Word of God or without spending time with Him, it’s as if we’re telling God, “I got this”.

You see, God gives us the tools to empower His possible in our impossible. It is our inability to use His tools that results in us seeing the impossible in situations.

When we see things as impossible, we are viewing our situations in the light of our flesh and human viewpoint.

But when we see the impossible become possible, it is then we choose to believe what Jesus clearly stated in verse 26.

That God is our Possible!

We are the im- in the word impossible. It is when we take ourselves out of our circumstances and into the presence of Jesus that we see the possible come to life!

It’s time we choose to erase what we think is impossible and let God make the possible happen.

What in your life do you see as impossible? What do you see through your own eyes that just doesn’t seem possible?

I pray that you think upon that one thing in your life and place it at the feet of Jesus where His power can make our impossible, possible.

Let’s watch God change our focus on the possibilities ahead!

Quiet the World

Now, more than ever, I feel God speaking stillness into the depths of my heart. In every quiet time, in every study of the Word and in every promise given, I am reminded that He speaks in the stillness.

When my soul is quiet, there I find Him. (Psalm 62:5)

When I am weak and need His strength, He calls me to “come to Him” and He will give me rest. (Matthew 11:28)

When I feel that the next step is one of uncertainty, He says “Be still”. (Psalm 46:10)

When I feel that the chaos around me is closing in, He says “Meet me in the stillness”.

In everything, He calls me to just be still.

You see God speaks to our hearts when we are ready to hear what He has to say.

As long as our minds and souls are in an uproar, we cannot hear God’s still small voice.

Often we are so caught up in waiting for God to speak and we think that He must not want to speak to us.

The problem is, our own voice is so loud that God’s voice cannot be heard.

Only in the stillness, can we hear His still, small voice.

One story that comes to mind when I hear about calming or quieting our soul is the story of Moses and the Israelites in the wilderness. Just after God had rescued them from Pharaoh’s wrath, they were so quick to focus on their present situation that they forgot what God had rescued them from in the past. God spoke through Moses and told him to relay a message to the Israelites in Exodus 14:14,

“The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

So often, we are just like the Israelites. We want to place our present situation at the forefront of our minds and think that nothing is worse than our current state. We quickly forget where God has brought us and the promises He has given us for the future ahead. We forget that this life is not ours to win. God has fought the battle for us on the cross and continues to fight for us each and every day in every situation we face. We are simply called to stay calm, focus on His promises, and be still.

Just as the Israelites were about to give up all hope and let their situation take over, God parted the Red Sea and, once again, rescued them. (Exodus 14: 15-31)

Give God your stillness and see Him part the Sea ahead of you.

For after all, it’s His plan and not our own.

Embracing and Assisting the Gospel


What does it mean to truly decide to follow Jesus?

In listening to this song written by United, I find myself reflecting on what it means to truly follow Jesus, deciding to follow Him.

Often, we go through life relying on God but fail to truly decide to follow Jesus.

To follow Jesus, we need to understand what a Jesus follower is:

dis·ci·ple: One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another (

I love the way the definition breaks apart a disciple as someone who “embraces” and “assists” teachings. Embracing the teachings of Christ is different than simply reading them.

Recently, God has been speaking to me regarding what writings I embrace as truth. When I say writings, I am talking about books displaying an author’s depiction of the Gospel.

Now I’m not saying that reading spiritually based books is bad because I am the first one to say that I LOVE reading Christian authors. I have many books sitting on my nightstand that I am “in the process” of reading. However, there is a difference between reading books about God and reading God’s Word.

This is the key message that God has been whispering to my heart for the past few days. As a growing Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ, my job is to not only read about God but embrace His teachings and assist Him in the mission of growing The Church. If I simply read another growing Christian’s perspective of their faith walk but fail to study and apply the teachings of Christ into my own life, how can I truly call myself a disciple?

I tend to see a book in a bookstore, read the back and buy it; not thinking about all the other books I have partially read but not finished at home. It’s what they call an “impulse buy”. The last few days I have realized how many impulse buys I have when it comes to faith-based books.

This is where God spoke to my heart. How often do I simply pick up the Word of God and study it without picking up a faith-based book without studying what God says about His truths?

So after realizing my own wrong, I decided that this new year I am going to focus on reading and studying God’s Word; His mighty, life-changing, and alive Truth. I am going to lay down the thoughts of others and pick up the Book that both began and finished it all. Now I’m not saying for everyone to stop using devotionals because devotionals are a great way to guide your daily quiet times with the Lord. I am saying that we need to treasure God’s Word more than we treasure the spiritual words of others. We need to revere the Word in desperation of finding God.

So back to where I started. Disciples are meant to both embrace and assist in spreading the Word of God. We need to embrace God’s teachings which we can only do by approaching God’s Word with boldness, knowing that He will meet us where we are. (Ephesians 3:12) Also, we need to assist in the spreading of the Word of God. Not only does He call us to read His teachings but also “go and make disciples of all nationsMatt. 28:19.

Being a disciple is a life-long devotion to the One who devoted His life for us. We are not made to follow Christ but should be willing and desire to follow Him.

So, my goal in 2014 is not to be filled with the words of others but to seek the Creator whose words hold the power to change and rearrange our worldly desires.

Let His words change your perspective so that we may embrace His teachings and assist others in knowing the power of the Gospel.

Let’s be true disciples.

A Sovereign Secret


The only word I can use to express 2013. I cannot explain the amount of thanks and praise I have in my heart for how God has used me throughout this past year. I can now only look forward to the ways He will use me in a mighty way in 2014.

As I look ahead, I see how God is putting my puzzle of a life together for His glory. He seems to put pieces together just as He should in His perfect time. You see, I have found this past year that His hands are constantly placing all things together for His purpose. There were times when I questioned if He was even at work only to find that as I remained still, His hands were truly working all things together for my good! (Romans 8:28)

sovereign pic

In January of 2013, I heard God’s voice calling me to take a journey with Him unlike any other I have ever dreamt of. He led me on a journey with Him to the nations – Uganda, Africa. What a journey it was preparing, planning and seeking God through those seven months of anticipation. Finally, the day came when I stepped out of the plane and onto the soil of a land so far from home but that quickly gripped my heart. Even as I write, tears are streaming down my face as I reflect on those two weeks when God took hold of my heart and led it on a journey with Him to “love the least of these” and the people of Uganda. I am humbled when I see how God took what I thought were ashes and made them beautiful through the work He displayed in my life. Never think that anything is too hard, too far gone or too high for God to use! God can take your dreams and turn them into impossible possibilities.

Now as I sit here, the day after Christmas and reflect upon the past year and ending the year with the celebration of his humble coming, I see just how much God sees in all of us. Deep down in all of us is a dream, a gift given by God. He has given each of us a desire that when found, can change the world. What a wonderful way to end each year by pondering on His wonderful Love for us, through His birth in a lowly place. His ability to take a heap of straw and turn it into a blazing fire of Love for each one of us. Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

As I celebrate, I can only worship God in knowing that His plans for my future are far beyond any dream I can dream up for my life. As a new year begins so does a new journey with my Jesus.

After leaving Uganda, I felt God telling me that He was not finished with me yet and that even though the experience was so wonderful, I would step foot on the Ugandan clay soil again.

So, this January I will start preparing, anticipating and seeking God through another journey to Uganda with Jesus from July 1-31st. On this journey, I will focus on the place that gripped my heart the most on my July journey, SMILE Africa. What an amazing story of redemption and ministry this compound encompasses from the heart of a God fearing daughter of Christ, Pastor Ruth. For this reason, God is leading me back to both minister to others and for them to minister to me. My heart is so full of joy in just anticipating this journey. Also, I have a non-profit project in the making!! KUMBATIA Project is coming soon!! The mission will be “Embracing the least of these with the love of Christ”(Matthew 5:4). I cannot say how excited I am about this!!

Now this is where YOU, my brothers and sisters in Christ come in. On my last journey, many of you prayed, fasted and encouraged me along the way. As I came back and shared, the power of Jesus was so strong and that power was through the power of my prayer warriors that never ceased praying for my journey. For this reason, I am asking you starting the first day of this New Year, to PRAY. Pray that God will lead, guide and direct me on this new journey with Him back to the place that Jesus spoke to and through me; on the dirt roads of Uganda. God tells us in His word to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and that is just what I am asking you to do. For these next seven months, pray that God will do something miraculous and mighty in and through me as I venture back. I am asking for warriors, I am asking for seekers of the Faith. I pray that you will pray without ceasing and without doubts that God will do a work not only in my journey, but also your own. I pray that as you pray, God will show you miraculous and wonderful things this New Year. I pray that chains will be broken through the power of prayer! God holds the power to our freedom and I pray you find freedom this year in 2014. Let us rise together and “come boldly unto the throne of grace” (Hebrews 4:16) with confidence!

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through us as we stand boldly together and pray without ceasing.

Thank you prayer warriors,

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline”

2 Timothy 1:7.

P.S. Stay tuned for more exciting details to come! As He continues to speak, I will listen and He is not finished yet 🙂

Find Him in the Details

It’s amazing that as you grow older, you are able to grasp more of the Christmas story than the year before.

(That’s what I love about the Gospel!)


In years past, I’ve heard the Christmas story and believed it but haven’t truly pondered the details of that Holy Night.

We sing songs in church, listen to Christmas carols, read the story out of the Bible but have we missed the important details that seem to be left in the background when it comes to the reality of the Christmas story?

One detail that jumped out at me this Christmas was the star that beamed a light so bright that silent night.

Why would God choose a star? How did He know that a star would both guide and transform the nativity scene?

In reading the Christmas story we hear of the star that led the shepherds and wise men to the manger but have you ever stopped to think just how important the star was to the story?

In Matthew 2: 10-11 it says,

“When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. 11 On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”

Sometimes we overlook how meaningful the star was in the story of Jesus’s birth.

Not only did the star guide the wise men and shepherds, it also gave them joy simply through its brilliance. Just by looking at the star, all who saw it were “overjoyed”. What an amazing star that must have been; how important the star was to the Christmas story.

Another detail that is overlooked happens to be a major aspect of the story. If I were to ask you the birthplace of Jesus, you would quickly answer “Bethlehem!”, not thinking anything else about it. However, what if we realized just how small and little the town in which Jesus was born happened to be? That’s right, a small….little town. God chose a small, little town for the birthplace of our Savior, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Who would believe that a King would be born in such a lowly, small, little place?

You see that is the exact reason why. Why wouldn’t God choose a small little town? Therein lies the answer…

During Christmas, we often hear things such as “bigger is better”, “the best…”, “nothing compares to…”, “What did you get?” and other phrases that only prompt us to compare our “things” to others. If you truly think about it, Christmas is, today, simply a holiday to increase the sales of stores and shops.

How often do we hear of people giving Christmas away? Not very often, which I am guilty of as well.

So, why would God choose for His Son to be born in a lowly town in a simple manger within a dirty stable? To show that Love cannot be bought, sold or compared to anything ever given.

You see, Christ is a gift that never gets old, is given daily and never fails. What other gift has that type of guarantee?

This Christmas, I have decided to slow down and think upon the details of the story rather than the broad picture of how Jesus came to earth.

When we stop and think about the details, we find that our God is all about the details.

This can also be seen in the story He’s writing in us. He specializes in the details and in the details of our own story. Just like in the story of Jesus’s birth, our story has wonderful details that we fail to stop and reflect upon.

If we stop and think, we would find that it’s all about the details.

It’s all about the simplicity of a star that led lowly people to a majestic and silent night.

It’s all about a King who was born in a small, little town of Bethlehem.

It’s all about a Savior who died for you and for me, that is orchestrating the minor details of our lives.

This Christmas, focus on the details.

Selfishness and the Sabbath

Recently I have discovered that I struggle with truly “resting” from the world.

(Is it just me or is the world VERY distracting?)

Last night I realized just how distracting it really can be. I began to enter into God’s Word when I realized that my mind wasn’t really present with God as much as it should be. You see, when we are actually “present” and enveloped with God, our minds are empty and open to what God has to say. So empty that as He speaks, we are lingering on His every word and absorbing it into our innermost being.

If I’m honest, I can say that often my mind has a segregated portion of it designated for God’s voice, while my mind is still racing with the cares of this world.

Last night as I prayed and asked God to open my mind and empty it of all but Him, He spoke to me loud and clear and this is what He said:

“I need you to be selfish and keep the Sabbath sacred.”

At first, I didn’t know exactly what He meant by keeping the Sabbath sacred but then as I began reading and seeking Him out I found Him and just what I needed to hear.

As I began in Mark 6:31, He said

“Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Wow, even Jesus needed to take time away and rest for He knew that in that quiet place of rest, He would find His strength. You see, He, the Christ, the Miracle-worker, the Savior of the world, needed rest. He was not so busy that He didn’t need rest. So many days, we try to get everything done that we are too busy to realized how important rest truly is. Even as I am saying this I am visualizing my own to-do list. Not pleasant. However, we need to realize that just as Christ had a lot of things that were of more importance than our simple to-do list, He still valued His rest. There is a never-ending supply of lessons to learn from Jesus and this is one of them.


After reading this Scripture I then was led into the question of, “Okay, so where do I find this rest? I know I’m supposed to go away and rest but what does that look like?”

The next Scripture Jesus led me to was in Jeremiah 6: 16,

“This is what the Lord says: Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls. But you reply, ‘No, that’s not the road we want!”

Ouch, how many times have I overlooked God’s path for my life because it wasn’t what I wanted. How many times have I turned away from obedience to Him because it just wasn’t what I saw for my life. It says here that the “old. godly way” is where my feet should walk. This old, godly way that God presents us with is His obedience. When we walk in full obedience to God we will find His rest which is the soulful rest that releases His strength in our lives. Obedience also requires an act of worship or giving our Sabbath or rest back to the Lord. As we rest in His presence or out of the connection with the world, we see that it is best to give that rest back to our Lord who first gave it to us. When we spend time in His presence, there our true rest is found.

After realizing that God was calling me to keep the Sabbath sacred by resting with Him, He left me with a Scripture that showed me just how much He gives in reward for our sacrifice of rest.

In Ezekiel 20:1-20, Ezekiel confronts God’s people about rejecting the fourth commandment which is to keep the Sabbath holy. When the people heard this they continued to disobey. How often do we look at Sunday as a day to catch up on the things we did not get a chance to do throughout the work week? In all reality, what is intended for the Sabbath and what have we made of it?

When we turn to God in obedience to His command to rest and we disconnect from the world and understand that we need rest just as much as we need fellowship with others, there we find true freedom. Freedom takes sacrifice and the sacrifice of our rest and Sabbath back to God is the way to receive that true freedom.

What a powerful and toe-stepping message from God.

There comes a point when we need to embrace our selfishness and realize how sacred the Sabbath is to our faith walk.

Rest is needed and what better reason to rest than to know that even our Savior needed a quiet place to rest.

It is in this rest that we find our freedom.

Let’s be free today and sacrifice our rest to Him!


Not a Morning Person?

Most mornings I wake up not in the best mood and I blame it on the lack of coffee.

However, what if the lack of coffee is just one of the many details of my morning that I neglect.

Is my morning “grouch mode” more than just an insufficient amount of caffeine?

Although I use the excuse that I am not a morning person, I do know the recipe for enjoying a joyful morning.

Is an anti-morning person a personality trait or simply just an attitude I have become accustom to?

As I began to prepare for my Sunday morning ahead this morning, this question seemed to loom over my monotonous morning routine.

When will I accept the fact that I can change my morning attitude and learn that mornings are a time to rejoice in the day ahead and look forward to a new day to renew, refocus and forget the regrets of yesterday?

Scripture says in Romans 12:2,

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

As I began to reflect on my morning attitude and recognize that I have nothing to be “grouchy” about, I realized just how joyous my morning should be. How God intended mornings to be is not to dread the start of a new day but rejoice in His provision. Our ability to acknowledge His faithfulness to see us through the day ahead and see Him standing at the end of each day awaiting our burdens, struggles and current troubles to be laid at His feet.


You see mornings, are for us to rejoice and renew our minds. If we wake up and take on our day without renewing our thoughts from the previous day, our minds focus on the things of the world that needed to be laid at His feet the night before.

However, instead of turning our eyes to Him as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, we see the day ahead as a race that we don’t have the endurance to finish.

God has already ran the race and finished it for us, our job is to look to Him at the finish line and know that He is providing us with the strength for each hurdle ahead. He is our reward!

He has placed the choice in our hands each morning as we rise and decide to renew or regret.

We can choose to be grumpy or choose to be grateful.

Awakening and knowing the One who moves the mountains and whispers to the seas, sees me and wants to lead me through my day is enough for me to strive to renew and restore my life in Him each morning.

Although I will have to overcome the struggle each morning to accept my anti-morning personality, I am going to make it my goal to let God and His goodness be my first thought before checking my emails, reading the latest Facebook status’s or reading my text messages.

Every morning should be one of anticipation and joy, knowing that my King is smiling down on me and whispering,

“I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for you today…”

Let’s overcome the excuse of “I’m not a morning person”.