In Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn



Everything about it makes me want to consume every moment, experience and product. I can honestly say, it is my most favorite time of the year. This is for several reasons but one of the top on the list is the breathtaking views.

Recently, as I was teaching my students about the various happenings of fall, we discussed the scientific reason behind why the leaves change colors. We talked about the green pigment called chlorophyll and how green leaves signify the tree is still living. However we also mentioned that as much as we love the colorful leaves on the trees and as beautiful as they are, it means that the tree has stopped growing for a season.

Today, as I was thinking about this phenomenon and how much I love a colorful fall tree, God spoke. Each one of us find ourselves in the fall season of life. One moment we are vibrant, green and growing and then suddenly, as if we didn’t even notice, our growth comes to a halt.

As I look at my own life, I am humbled by the amount of times I see how God moved in me to act or serve in a way that was beyond myself and how much I have grown from those experiences. However, I also see times where God called me to act and serve but my focus shifted from Him to other priorities or circumstances. My opportunity to grow was overshadowed by my own selfish desire to focus on “more important” to-dos.

Oh to go back and revive those times…

But see that is just it, as much as we would like to go back and relive those moments over, the past is in the past. Forgiveness is where our living starts.

We can only turn full speed ahead and run the race set before us now.

As Paul so wonderfully speaks in Philippians 3:13,

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead”

We must strain toward what is ahead, for we only have what is ahead, which is fleeting even as I type this blog.

We are not promised another breath but the great thing about our God is that He gives us our breath and as long as we are still breathing, we have His job to complete.

When we turn from our not so proud moments and turn to Him after a season of stagnant living, that is where true growth begins. It’s not just the 360 degree turn that matters, it’s what we do after that.

Just like the fall tree that goes through an entire season of no growth, we too can get wrapped up in an entire season that we will soon regret. Unless, we choose to make our dark season shorter than it has to be.

One aspect of the fall tree that speaks to us so vividly are the leaves. Just as the leaves turn, fade and die; we too must turn toward Christ and die to ourselves.

Women/Men of God, it’s time for us to turn so that we can die and in the process, making a beautiful and vibrant view for all the world to see.

Christ makes dying just as bright and beautiful as living.

When we die to what we were once holding onto so tightly, Christ can revive the growth in our hearts and our lives.

So, in every season turn, turn, turn toward Christ.

Let’s show the world the breathtaking view of our Savior who’s more beautiful than any fall snapshot can capture.