Set Your Sights on the Impossible

Matthew 19:26

“Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

possible 2

The impossible.

Most of us dwell on what we see right in front of us. Something to grip ahold of, something seen, something we can do.

However, what if we were called to make the impossible, possible?

Often times we read The Word and see many miracles, answered prayers and sovereignty and are left thinking, “Wow, that is impossible!”

But is it really impossible?

In looking at verse 26 of Matthew chapter 19, we see that Jesus adds the phrase, “Humanly speaking”. Why didn’t he just leave that part out?

Those two words are very important in understanding what Jesus is calling impossible.

He is calling us as humans and our strife, our weakness, our controlling attitudes impossible.

He is calling our human flesh, impossible.

Now don’t get too depressed just yet, because right after that phrase is the purpose of our daily walk with Jesus.

Jesus says, “But with God everything is possible.”

When we encounter each day without the Word of God or without spending time with Him, it’s as if we’re telling God, “I got this”.

You see, God gives us the tools to empower His possible in our impossible. It is our inability to use His tools that results in us seeing the impossible in situations.

When we see things as impossible, we are viewing our situations in the light of our flesh and human viewpoint.

But when we see the impossible become possible, it is then we choose to believe what Jesus clearly stated in verse 26.

That God is our Possible!

We are the im- in the word impossible. It is when we take ourselves out of our circumstances and into the presence of Jesus that we see the possible come to life!

It’s time we choose to erase what we think is impossible and let God make the possible happen.

What in your life do you see as impossible? What do you see through your own eyes that just doesn’t seem possible?

I pray that you think upon that one thing in your life and place it at the feet of Jesus where His power can make our impossible, possible.

Let’s watch God change our focus on the possibilities ahead!