Lead Them to The Rock


There is a place in Uganda that the locals call “The Rock” which you can see in the picture above. To the locals, this place is where they take visitors to trek to the top. At the top of this mountain, you can see a sight of Uganda that is unlike any other. Each time I have made the journey to the top, the view still takes my breath away. I remember looking out onto the country of Uganda and praying for the culture that they might come to see God. This moment, as well as many others, I will never forget.

Today, as I was reflecting on New Years Eve and reading about various resolutions, reflections and anticipations people had for the new year, I began to wonder what this year and the year to come meant to me. But God….

You see that’s how God works, He takes something that is ordinary and turns it into a moment that is extraordinary.

As I began reflecting on the past year and looking forward into the year to come, God whispered to my heart something that stopped my thoughts immediately.

He said, “Lead them to the Rock”….

When I look back on the past year, I can say that my husband and I journeyed together with the purpose to accomplish that very goal. To lead others to Christ. However, if I am honest, it is so much easier travelling to another country and spreading the Gospel than to openly discuss Christ here in America’s public arena. To me, third world countries feel like home. I feel at home when I am placed in a culture where joy, a smile and family are rich and the material possessions of this world are scarce.

Upon returning from our journey this Summer, Christ began working in the lives of my husband and I. We both felt that God wanted to do more in and through us in our local community and ministry in the church. As God continues to speak, we are walking out and obeying His words as we look forward to 2017.

As this year comes to a close, God’s commission for me seems simple but speaks volumes to my heart.

“Lead them to The Rock”.

As a daughter in Christ, my main mission should be to spread the Gospel of Christ. As I ponder all the many missions that are going to be set in place the next couple of days, I wonder how many people, followers of Christ, will choose to make the Gospel their main mission. It is so easy to see others making resolutions to lose weight, be less stressed, find joy, get organized etc. and feel the need to make a resolution of our own. However, is that God’s intention for your new year?

How many of us have stopped to ask God what He would have us do this new year? I am not saying that resolutions are always a bad thing but if their centered on “self” and not Christ, what is the goal?

In the book of Numbers, the people of Israel had a similar celebration to commemorate the new year. In ch. 29 verse 2 it states,

“Present a burnt offering to the Lord, an odor pleasing to him…”

Upon anticipating the new year to come, God’s command was for them to present an offering to Him. There is so much to be said about that today in every celebration.

As followers of Christ and in preparation for the New Year, our focus should be not on what we can offer the world by bettering ourselves but what we can offer Christ. This New Year our goal should be that of Christ and not of the things that can benefit ourselves.

In a time where resolutions are running rampant, let’s choose to take God’s commandment to the Israelite people to heart. Let us offer ourselves as a offering for Christ and make it our goal this year to “lead others to The Rock”.

Leading others to Christ should be our main mission each and every New Year. We often forget that when God ascended to Heaven that was His final commission to us, to lead others to Him.

So in this New Year, as I imagine myself standing on “The Rock” in Uganda, I am looking out onto the calendar year of 2017 and praying….

Lord, I choose to take what You have whispered to my heart and put it into practice. I am not going to make a resolution but I am going to offer myself as an offering to You. I will lead “them” to The Rock, which is You. For Your commission in Mark should still be our mission today. May my offering in this new year be a pleasing aroma to You.

Will you join me in the mission?

Let us lead them to The Rock in this new year…..


Reason to Sing

How many times do I begin to sing a song and seem to forget the words?

It’s not so much that I simply forget the words but the necessity of what I’m singing.

Singing in itself is a beautiful, well-constructed melody given words to bring it to life. But, what if the words meant nothing to the singer? What if the song writer or artist forgot what the image was to start with?

Would the song be worth singing?

Would the singer have a purpose?

As Christians, we often hear the melody, God’s melody, but fail to sing the words. Bring the melody to life.


The truth is, God has given us each a melody. He has laid the lyrical foundation but are we going to discover it and seek to make it alive in us? We are all singers meant to bring God’s melody to life but often we fail to sing the words. Without the words, will His song still be a song?

As image-bearers of Christ, we are to do the work that He has placed before us to accomplish. However, if we are to pass by the work, fail to put words to His melody then our purpose, HIS purpose for our life shatters.

He has written the melody, orchestrated the notes and even written the lyrics. He has given us a reason to sing.

So, as a part of the heavenly choir He chooses us to write and bring the life the long-awaited masterpiece.

Pick up His lyrics and start singing.

For He is the reason to sing!